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If you are in business, you need a Web presence. Web sites are actually somewhat difficult to build and manage; however, blogs are relatively easy after the initial learning curve. You might find it worthwhile to hire a professional (or trade services) to have it set up, but most people can take it from there and add new content every week or two to increase your Internet visibility.

Overview of Setting up a WordPress Blog

WordPress gets the public vote for being easiest to use and currently it is the most popular

Fortunately, you will not need new software, which is necessary to build a Websites. Blogs are a perfect example of “cloud computing,” which simply means using the internet to access software running on someone else’s hardware. vs is free. However, you end up with a clumsy url, i.e. If future employees (or your family/friends) forget the wordpress portion of the name, they will not find you. requires that you have your own url and hosted web site. At, for $10-$14 per year you can register your name (or if your own name is gone, a clear and memorable name). is the best name as most people automatically type in .com; however if .com is gone for you, consider the newest .co.

Hosting at runs around $5 per month . . . Initially you will not need add-ons, so don’t worry about them. BIG TIP: No “dots,” “dashes,” or “underscores” in your chosen name. Absolutely no one remembers them.

Setting Up WordPress

Instructions follow, and I’m on the other end of eMail, but it might be easier for you to go to one of the following:

Online textual Instructions: or

How-to Video:

Or: If you do use GoDaddy:

  1. Go to Hosting Control Center
  2. Setup your account: GoDaddy is in Arizona, always there, and can help with this if you get confused (which is easy to do initially): 480 505 8877.
  3. Click on “Manage Account” to the right of your new account
  4. Click Your Applications on top.
  5. Click on Blogs on the Left.
  6. Click on WordPress.
  7. Click the INSTALL NOW orange button.
  8. You will have to unzip this file: If you do not have Unzip software, there is a free 30-day trial from WinZip: Download that and then unzip the file.

Your Blog

There is a lot of information to wade through.

Once that is done, go to where you will find WordPress for Beginners. Again, it looks overwhelming, but you won’t need to read all of it, you don’t need to know any of the complicated coding, etc.

Mainly you will need to go to: for an overview of setting up your site. This page has everything you will need starting with a free Theme which you will download from: Then to: for information on writing posts and to write your first post.



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