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The Maritime Heritage Project.We started working on The Maritime Heritage Project about 18 years ago. It has been designed, redesigned, added to, changed, etc., throughout those years. Now, because of responsive Web design, it is again being updated.

San-Francisco-Bay-Russian-1200x362This time, however, it is going through a full redesign due to cell phone use and for search engine convenience. The lists of ship passengers, which is perhaps the most valuable portion of the site, has been split into Ship Passengers along with copies of the pages on sea captains, VIPS (very important passengers), and quirky news stories of the day.

It is but one of the sites we manage that we’re scrambling to bring to its new electronic life on the World Wide Web (or, more accurately, your cell phone).

Of course, such updates are fun (when they’re not frustrating), because we seek new images, such as the map of the San Francisco Bay Area above — what’s new or fun about that, you may ask. It’s from the 1800s and it’s in Russian.

Folks along California’s West Coast constantly argue about who was here first. Our searches while building The Maritime Heritage Project site indicate that it may well have been Russians, Chinese, Japanese, and various Pacific Islanders. Islanders are sea people; they traveled thousands of miles in their craft.


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D. A. Levy is a media/marketing professional with 25+ years in traditional publishing, 30 years in ePublishing, including Mini kaleidoscope drawing. Web design, content development, editing, blogging with strong HTML/CSS/JS coding experience. Her photography has won awards, sold through galleries and gift shops, and taken her to 27 countries ( As Director of The Maritime Heritage Project she founded, built, researched and maintains that site, which has become one of the largest of its type in the world ( It has been viewed from every country around the globe, receives more than 300,000 access per month, and is linked to by the California State Library, Bancroft Library, various Maritime Museums, PBS, Wikipedia, The Boston Herald, Merchant Marines, etc. Proven ability to build and optimize web pages to drive traffic for top level rankings on Alexa and Google.
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