Follow Your Dream

Our dreams are many-fold; it has been difficult to focus and meander down one (oh, maybe two) paths.

Fruit Eating Flying Fish

Fruit Eating Flying Fish

Dianne has wandered back into Benicia’s Tannery with web work (for Once Upon A Canvas in Benicia and will be exhibiting a selection of drawings and cards at their shop in The Tannery.

She has also added paintings and photographs to her own art site at World Images.

World Images has been exceptionally interesting since coming across Artist Websites.

At that site, one can upload original art and viewers can choose to turn that art into canvas or acrylic framed prints, greeting cards, phone cases, throw pillows, duvet covers or tote bags.

There is no right or wrong. Just enjoy the process.

The artist-owners of Once Upon a Canvas believe that there is no “right” or “wrong” with your art. Do what you love, take tactile pleasure in all mediums, and enjoy the result.


About DALSF2011

D. A. Levy is a media/marketing professional with 25+ years in traditional publishing, 30 years in ePublishing, including Mini kaleidoscope drawing. Web design, content development, editing, blogging with strong HTML/CSS/JS coding experience. Her photography has won awards, sold through galleries and gift shops, and taken her to 27 countries ( As Director of The Maritime Heritage Project she founded, built, researched and maintains that site, which has become one of the largest of its type in the world ( It has been viewed from every country around the globe, receives more than 300,000 access per month, and is linked to by the California State Library, Bancroft Library, various Maritime Museums, PBS, Wikipedia, The Boston Herald, Merchant Marines, etc. Proven ability to build and optimize web pages to drive traffic for top level rankings on Alexa and Google.
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