Vallejo’s Art Festivals

As mentioned, my friend/associate Robert Hoffman and I have been wandering around the San Francisco Bay Area seeking new venues, viewing art by local artists, checking out classes, etc.

Vallejo holds an art festival every second Friday year-round along its streets and in local galleries. Of course, everyone is invited to these free events.

Last Friday we started walking Georgia Street, viewing street art, talking with artists, and wandering in and out of galleries. One of the street artists, Kai Saito (right), is also a tattoo artist for a local parlor. Because of the detail it takes to be a tattoo artist in the first place, her work is exceptionally detailed and for sale at reasonable prices.

In addition to setting up our own outdoor exhibit on April 7th along with other street artists, we are going to apply for wall space at a specific gallery to begin exhibiting in Vallejo. (Please check back . . . additional detail and examples of art to be shown will be posted here, of course.)


  • The Hub Vallejo (wood-burning by Carla Nelson, right)
  • Artiszen Gallery
  • Townhouse
  • Indian Alley Antiques
  • Design by David
  • The W.O.R.K.S. Gallery
  • Procyon Gallery, Fine Art and Framing Studio
  • Vallejo Antiques
  • The McCune Collection
  • Georgia Galleria. The gallery is planning to rotate in other exhibits three times a year and is looking for minority artists to feature. The inaugural exhibition coincided with the Pista sa Nayon festival; it showcased a number of Filipino artists who aren’t well known in the United States.
  • Pieced on Earth
  • Modern Warrior Arts Academy (actually, martial arts, which, of course, is an art form).

Artizen Gallery, listed above, is currently focused on Black History Month with art depicting various times in America’s history.

Our upcoming art walks in Vallejo will cover Sacramento Street, Capital Street, and Marin Street (which equals Georgia Street in numbers of galleries).

Being a photographer, I can’t help myself when I see “art in the streets.” The duck decoy right was hanging on a fence along one of Vallejo’s side streets.


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