Travel photographs and illustrations have migrated to Dianne Levy World Images where they are offered as photographs, paintings, and various special-order pieces such as duvets, pillows, carry-all bags and phone covers.

Travelling California's backroads. Then retirement and wandering seaports and backroads around the world.
Bodega Bay in Blue.

Bodega Bay

California's North Coast
Egrets in the Mist.

The Birds

All-time favorite photographs
California's Backroads.


Off the Beaten Track
Red Barn.

Barns & Farms

California's Backroads and Byways
Chinatown in San Franncisco California.

In Passing . . .

Dragons and Weddings
Coastal Cats.

Coastal Cats

A colony of feral cats in Bodega Bay.
Bora Bora.

The Grand Pacific Tour

From Bora Bora to Japan and thence to England, Ireland, Wales.


The wheel spins round and round...
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The Naval Order of the United States.

D. A. Levy, founder of The Maritime Heritage Project, was invited to join the San Francisco Branch of The Naval Order of the United States, (NOUS), which has a history dating from 1890. Membership in NOUS includes a wide range of individuals, many with highly distinguished career paths associated with various military branches.

Levy was invited because of military history throughout The Maritime Heritage Project. Additionally, family members include several individuals who served in various campaigns, including command of a Civil War Hospital Ship, soldiers in WWII, a marine tank commander in Korea, and Army ground troops in Germany and Vietnam.