Gallery: Coastal Cats

All of these young cats were born under hot tubs in Bodega Bay. The older cats (Star, Latte and Blaze) and two teenagers (JFK and Maine) were spayed and neutered. Star, Latte and Blaze were part of our family for almost three years -- until we moved from Bodega Bay. They lived outside in summer and in a warm cat house in winter. They were good little friends, are healthy, beautiful, and amusing. It took three years, but homes were found for all of the cats. Four of them, being especially smart, moved next door to Spud Point Crab Company where they were well fed and sheltered.

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Grey Teenager at Bodega Bay.
Latte and Blaze Creamsicle Latte
Playful Greys Tuxedo Teenager Star
Bath Time Blue Frosted Teen
Nascar Little Grey JFK

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