Gallery: Foreign Ports

Our travel images and illustrations are moving to Dianne Levy World Images where they are being offered as photographs, paintings, and various special-order pieces such as duvets, pillows, carry-all bags and phone covers (don't you want a dragon on your phone?).

The few images remaining on this site include:

May/June 2002: French Polynesia, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand, Japan

August 2004: England, Ireland, Wales

December 2006: Cabo San Lucas, Baja California, Mexico
September 2007: France, Italy, Greece, Turkey

The Pacific Tour: Unfortunately only a few damaged images survived the Pacific Tour. But the countries we visited are so unique, we included a few photos anyway.
Bora Bora from the plane. Bora Bora at Dusk. Overwater bungalow in Moorea. Road Hog in Moorea.
Stupas in Thailand.
Tokyo at midnight. Torii Gates. Donations of Sake at a temple. Fortunes.

England, Ireland, Wales: This was a "homecoming" for us.

Our family left Wales and Ireland in the mid-1700s. In part due to research for The Maritime Heritage Project, we were among the first of our family to visit the lands of our ancestors.

Castle in the Rain, Wales. Bridge in a Country Town, England. Iron Bridge, North Wales. Llangollen, North Wales.
Slate Mountain Cabin, North Wales.   Ring of Kerry, Ireland.

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