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Mt. Diablo. Sharon Campbell.Dianne, you are a marvel. I just stopped by the site and it is beautiful, professional and all the bells and buttons work. You are such an amazing addition to the family. Plus you are fun to paint with.
(Mt. Diablo. Oil Painting, by Sharon Campbell.)

— Sharon Campbell, Once Upon A Canvas Benicia.

Many thanks for including the passage about the 1st US Mail steamer to Nassau, NP Bahamas on your Maritime Heritage website. I am an author of maritime history of the Bahamas, my most recent book is – www.uboatsbahamas.com. I just started a blog to preserve the maritime history of the inter-island mail boats of the Bahamas and your entry helped. The blog is www.mailboatsbahamas.blogspot.com.

All the best.
P.S. Did you know that Austin Levy was the more important figure for developing pineapple and other harvesting from Hatchet Bay Eleuthera Bahamas? He was from Bristol, Rhode Island.

— Capt. Eric T. Wiberg

The website you developed has continually attracted clients who have purchased my services and products. They all like the home spun flavor and the addition of information about my dogs.

The irrigation details in the site have produced over $12,000.00 in revenue. My first web referral created $30,000.00 in new landscape design, irrigation and maintenance. The most recent new client just ordered between $3,000.00 and $4,000.00 of major retrofitting of their estate. And the next customer has authorized a budget of $500.00 a month to service and upgrade her properties.

Your maintenance of the site keeps it fresh and informative for the targeted client audience.

Thanks you for your support and creativity.

(A long-time client; another testimonial from Steve is further down the list)

— Steve Hewett

Just wanted you to know that Dianne worked a miracle and late last night (after midnight, actually) got the new website design live with the original text. You can see it at www.CCGPartners.com.

— Mark Gordon, Vision Marketing Consultants

Lots of feedback . . . all good . . . regarding my great web site! Thank you.

— Susan Adams, Supervisor, Marin County

Dianne, this is amazing. I just received a $25,000 low-water landscape project from the site! The clients found the article you included regarding water-saving landscaping. We met. I showed them how much money they would save and explained the environmental benefits. I got the job. I owe you a few bottles of Sangiovese . . . at least. 

— Steve Hewett, QWEL, Arborist, Horticulturist

The Amazon link used to have about 20 used copies of my book "Goodbye to Rains" for sale. Since you built the Web site, they're down to four . . . in less than two months! And when you do a basic Google search on the title of Search for "Goodbye to Rains," you can see the Google link to the online book is really starting to heat up. Interesting, that the book should enjoy a heyday about 30 years after it first came out! But then . . . the same thing happened to Herman Hesse’s “Steppenwolf.”

— Paul McHugh, Author

Paul (www.PaulMchugh.net): Great website. I can't believe the quality of the video that streamed of your book reading. Not that a pro like you would ever need a critique from a random Navy guy, but I have spent a few collective weeks of my life in the hot seat presenting mission briefs to senior military leaders and "why be a SEAL" talks to an even tougher audience: high school athletes. Please say hello to Dianne L. She probably doesn't remember me, but she was the key player in introducing you and me 15 years ago at the SF Chronicle's adventure travel fair. You've clearly got the right guru teaming with you on web support.

~ Duncan
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